A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Here you can find out more about some of the people that are a part of our New Heart Gathering family.

Todd and Karon

The HadleysKaron and Todd came to Charleston in 1998 in a denominational setting. There they began to have vision for church as we know it to change. The Lord placed people around them who were receiving similar revelation and who stood with them through the storms of doubt, disillusionment, and opposition. Out of this divine discomfort with institutional religion, the word came that the Lord was calling them to a new work. They realized they were in for quite a ride with Jesus.

Karon and Todd both grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and they were married in 1988. They have four children, Drew, Gabrielle, Hannah, and Lydia, all of whom worship and minister along side the whole of New Heart with the deep love of Christ.


Albert and Scarlette

The NewtonsAfter spending several years in an institutional church setting, Albert and Scarlette knew there should be more to ‘church’. The Lord answered that stirring in their spirits by bringing them alongside Todd and Karon Hadley and a group of pioneers that left the institutional behind to begin New Heart Gathering.

Albert and Scarlette’s heart is to see the Church restored—the Bride made ready—through an understanding of apostolic foundations and the practice of covenantal relationships.

They long to see individuals set free from spiritual, emotional, and financial bondage and look forward to the day when the Jews will be grafted back in with the Gentiles to form the ‘One New Man’ in Christ.

Albert was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and works for a local paper mill. Scarlette was born in Andrews, South Carolina, and moved to Charleston to pursue a career in insurance. After they were married in 1996, Scarlette traded careers to become a full-time housewife and mother. They have two children, Sara and Joshua.


Wes and Lysa

The TutensLysa and Wes met through campus ministry as students at the College of Charleston, where the Lord brought them both to a deeply personal revelation of the love, power, and truth of Jesus Christ.

During this time they met Todd and Karon Hadley and quickly joined with them in ministry and came under their leadership. God grew in them a vision for a Church like that of the New Testament.

After co-laboring for many years, they were led joyfully into God’s new work in New Heart Gathering. They have a great desire to see God’s people know and experience the fullness and abundance of Jesus Christ in every facet of their lives. They work to build up believers through the truth of God’s Word, the security of Christ, and demonstration of healthy relationships.

Lysa grew up in Aiken, South Carolina, and Wes in Columbia, South Carolina. They were married in 2001 and have one daughter, Zoe. They both work full-time in the retail jewelry business.