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Unearthing the New Wells

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surfingIn the 26th Chapter of Genesis, there is a story of Isaac re-digging the wells of His father. These wells were wells the Philistines had clogged with dirt.

As he is busy unstopping those wells his servants go out and dig new wells. The first well is met with a strife filled resistance from the herdsmen in the area. So the servants name the first well which translated from the Hebrew to english means "strife".

Rather than parking themselves beside a well of strife, they name it  for what it is and move on to dig another well. However, the next well they uncover they have a similar problem. They find contention with the locals at this well's discovery. It's name translated to english means, you guessed it, contention.

Now, they could've easily been deterred by these two negative experiences and lost hope as they only found  spirits of strife and contention but they don't allow the dysfunction of those around them to determine their course of action. Rather they search for other wells to satiate their thirst. And in turn they  find a third well. You know the old idiom "threes a charm". The Hebrew name they give this well means "wide place". A well with broad borders that has no constricting limitations by strife or contention.

How many times do you go seeking to find refreshing streams for your thirsty spirit and only retrieve strife and contention from those around you?

If what you've experienced in your search for God is only strife and contention in your "going to church experience". Let me tell you, don't stop there. Keep digging. There are expansive wells of experience with the Lord and His church that you just haven't tapped into yet. Broader than a building you just "go to". It is a people filled with dynamic relationship with God and one another you'll find released. Not a languishing puddle of discord but vibrant streams of living water you can drink in.

There is something to a people who are persistent not to allow deterrents like strife and contention to keep them from the living water that brings an expanse in peace, joy, and right connection to God. That is the life Jesus said his living waters would produce. If you've been experiencing some strife or contention as you are on your search for God's refreshment let me encourage you not to pitch your tent around the bitter waters of these things. Press on to the wide places God has for you to be refreshed. He takes the bitter waters of disappointment and turns them into opportunities of sweet reward

Come join us at Catalyst 61 and find a place that's boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places. A safe place,  in which you can experience the wide Kingdom life that God has for you. Come dig new wells with us, as servants of the Lord our God.

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Todd Hadley

Todd and Karon came to Charleston in 1998 in a denominational setting. There they began to have vision for church as we know it to change. The Lord placed people around them who were receiving similar revelation and who stood with them through the storms of doubt, disillusionment, and opposition. Out of this divine discomfort with institutional religion, the word came that the Lord was calling them to a new work. They realized they were in for quite a ride with Jesus.

Todd and Karon both grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and they were married in 1988. They have four children, Drew, Gabrielle, Hannah, and Lydia, all of whom worship and minister along side the whole of New Heart with the deep love of Christ.