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Acceptable Year

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watertowine"The accepted and acceptable year of the Lord [the day when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound]." Luke 4:19 (Amp)

"This is God's year to act!" Luke 4:19 (Msg)

God is good and He is ready for His people, we His beloved, to believe and live in His goodness, His kindness, His power, and His love, to believe that if a weapon dare be formed against us it will not prosper. It will have no chance to succeed, because it is only threats and lies, while in us live light and truth. 

The enemy has lied and said our hope is foolishness, that to believe that this is the year of His favor and that He will "assuredly not" leave or forsake us is a mistake, sowing doubt and disillusionment, and then pointing to every problem or challenge, every unexpected twist and saying, "Look! See! I told you not to get your hopes up."

But God says "Believe me. Don't become stingy with your hope. I have forecast a good year for my people." In this time, the grace and power of God are miraculously changing the water we've been carrying to just get by into the finest wine this very minute. It's not even for waking up for a better tomorrow; it's for having a better today. 

In believing and living the truth of this good year, remember we get to do it with God's favorites. One of a community's greatest powers is to believe together. Believe with me for this acceptable year of the Lord, when the favors of God will profusely abound. Get your hopes up. I'll get mine up, too. Welcome and bless each coming day with grace and hope..

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Wes Tuten

Wes is a husband, father, minister, small-business manager, and writer. He moved from Columbia to Charleston in 1996, to attend the College of Charleston majoring in Communication. He started writing as a teenager, as a way to capture and explore experiences and out of an innate love for words and language. Today Wes is actively involved in the ministry of New Heart Gathering in Charleston. He’s been married for over 9 years and has one daughter and has worked for the past 10 years with Polly’s Jewelry in Charleston.

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