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Shadow Days are OVER!

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A prophetic understanding  from Taylor Murray in the midst of one of the NHG gatherings on 7/14/13

2 Corinthians 3:17-18
New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

cross-shadowOur shadow days are over. There is a huge correlation between the veil and a shadow. In the definition of a shadow, "a shadow is described as an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to an obstruction by an object".

Before Jesus died on the cross:

  • there was us
  • the veil
  • and something glorious that we could not reach

It was so hard to reach the glorious light. We wanted to touch it but couldn't directly, because the veil was there obstructing our ability to reach it. But then there was HOPE. Christ died on the cross and that veil was torn. But then fear, lies, and unbelief creep into our life and whether we mean to or not, we slowly tend to put that veil back up. Sometimes it's even other people in our lives, like spiritual figures, who put that veil back up, because of a misunderstanding of what really happened... THE VEIL BEING TORN ONCE AND FOR ALL. And when you put that veil back up, the light source on the other side, which is Christ, gets distorted.

For, in the rest of the definition of a shadow, it goes on to say, "the cross-section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette or a reverse projection of an object blocking the light". When that veil gets put back up everything gets distorted. It should be simple. The light should shine from the cross and we should be able to directly see the cross, and HIS GLORY should directly touch us. But when that veil gets put back up, the light shines forth from the cross and hits an object - the veil - and the cross becomes a shadow instead of the REAL DEAL. It gets obstructed and flipped before it can even reach us.

So, when we see the light on the other side it appears to be completely distorted. We no longer can see the glorious light, but only a shadow of the cross. For example, as a kid, you often have a favorite tree to play, climb, and build a tree house in. But, suddenly, when you lay in your room at night, that wonderful tree is turned into something scary, because of the moonlight shining on it and not being able to reach your sight without being obstructed by your bedroom walls first. So, you are no longer seeing the tree, but you are seeing a distortion of the tree. A mere shadow of the tree. And, when you can't see the tree, you no longer know it is a tree. And when you can't see God because that veil is there blocking the light and turning it into a shadow, instead of the veil being broken and the light shinning forth directly on you, you no longer know it is God.

What we are not seeing is Jesus, the cross, and who God truly is. What we are seeing is the light shining forth from the cross, which is shining on the veil, which is distorting and reversing the object. What we are seeing is a mere shadow of the cross. The veil is distorting and reversing the cross. So, we can no longer truly see the cross. And if you can't see the cross then how can you know God? And if you don't know God, then how are you supposed to know your identity? Because if you don't know God then you don't know yourself. And when you are trying to see God, but you have these veils up of fear, unbelief, etc., you are suddenly only seeing a distortion of God. So, if you can't see that God is perfect love, then you suddenly can't see that you are perfect love. If that veil is there, you can no longer see righteousness, because righteousness is distorted...completely distorted. You are no longer looking at the cross and seeing that light shine on you, but you are seeing a distortion of it.

So, suddenly you are walking around saying "I am fear, I am law, I am in unbelief, I am flesh," because we have distorted the cross. You see, with the veil up, we are no longer walking in the light and truth, but in deception and in the shadows. Whether it is us or spiritual leaders in our life who have done it, the cross has been distorted. After all, that is what a shadow is, a flipped distortion of the true object. So, if you can't look at cross and look at Christ and see the LIGHT and feel the rays of His glory, then you may have a veil up that is distorting that direct view. And, if you can't see Christ for all that He really is, then you can't see yourself for the beauty that you really are. The veil is torn and our shadow days are OVER my friends!!!

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Taylor Murray

Taylor Murray is a Charleston, SC native. She is currently living in Lakeland, Florida while attending Southeastern University to complete her Bachelors of Science in Broadcasting. She is in her junior year with graduation set for May 2015. When home in Charleston over the summers, Taylor worships with New Heart Gathering. Last year, God revealed to Taylor that she would serve as a voice of truth for the Lord in the television industry. Since that revelation, God has been igniting a desire deep within her to pursue Broadcasting whole heartedly. She has no clue where God is going to lead her after graduation, but is praying for a platform to shine the LOVE of Jesus in secular television! Taylor finds joy in encouraging others to SHINE like a sunflower and hopes to daily infuse this into all aspects of her career, relationships, and life.