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Identity Radical Mind-shift

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reflectionIn the second letter to the Corinthians, directly after we are instructed that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, Paul encourages us to gaze into the mirror with unveiled faces and see the image of who Christ is, so that as we do we may be transformed into the very same image.

It reminds me of the young lion Simba, in The Lion King. Simba was going through an identity crisis because his father had been treacherously murdered. Due to that trauma, he forgot who he was and wandered about the jungle identity-challenged.

In one scene a baboon was guiding him through this time of overwhelming confusion. The baboon declared to Simba that he knew his father and insisted that he was not dead. With a sharp, Donald Trump like pointing of a finger, he announced, "Mufasa's not dead; he lives. He lives in you!" Suddenly as Simba looked at his reflection in the river, it was as if for the first time; he no longer saw the identity-challenged young lion he had been. The image he saw changed in the water to the very image of his father. In that one moment there was an immediate paradigm shift in whom Simba thought himself to be. His perception did an about face. You see, his dad was a king, and now he saw there was a king in him as well. The Father's DNA, so to speak, had shown through. Simba went on to rule and reign as a Lion King should.

James, the brother of Jesus, not unlike the baboon in The Lion King, encourages us to look again into the perfect law of liberty, where we too will experience a mind-shift of who we really are. We have been conveyed into the Kingdom of the Son of God. A "kingdom" is a king's domain. That is were we live and have our being. It is where He dwells. Jesus said that the kingdom is not a place on a map but is in us. We too have a King's DNA in us. Our King, Jesus, was treacherously murdered but is not dead. He lives. He lives in you!

"Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Colossians 1:27)

Look intently into the libertine waters of reflection in the Spirit and see who you really are with your heart-eyes. You'll experience a radical mind-shift and be changed from the inside out.

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Todd Hadley

Todd and Karon came to Charleston in 1998 in a denominational setting. There they began to have vision for church as we know it to change. The Lord placed people around them who were receiving similar revelation and who stood with them through the storms of doubt, disillusionment, and opposition. Out of this divine discomfort with institutional religion, the word came that the Lord was calling them to a new work. They realized they were in for quite a ride with Jesus.

Todd and Karon both grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and they were married in 1988. They have four children, Drew, Gabrielle, Hannah, and Lydia, all of whom worship and minister along side the whole of New Heart with the deep love of Christ.