Tuesday, 29 January 2013 00:00

Nothing In Vain!

Written by  Robert Brown

workout-preperationI just want to share what the Lord has been showing me on a personal level. Often time when we are thinking of things to be grateful of, we tend to think of "good" things or things that inspire us or perhaps even challenge us. But how often do we thank the Lord for the adversity or the trials that we are going through?

As a former competitive bodybuilder, the goal every single year was to gain more muscle, but in order to do that you had to put the muscle under more stress than the previous year. Often it was PAINFUL and sometimes even slow! I remember staying at 156lbs for 2 years even though I was eating more and training harder than ever. But one day I stepped on the scale at the gym and it said I weighed 165lbs. I found the gym owner and told him his scale was broken. He proceeded to put weights on it and it zeroed out, it was dead accurate. After 2 solid years of GRINDING at the gym and pounding down food I finally gained 9 lbs of solid mass! Everything I was going through was NOT in vain after all!

I'm reminded of everything Joseph went through from being sold as a slave by his brothers, to being falsely accused and thrown in jail, until finally he became second only to Pharoah. Every single step was necessary in order to prepare him for where God EVENTUALLY wanted him to be. I'm beginning to understand the scripture "in everything give thanks".

On October 12th of last year I was helping my son train for a wrestling tournament as I've coached the sport for over 20yrs. We were wrestling inside of an mixed martial arts style cage. As I did so, I ran my head into a bolt that was sticking out, gouging a two inch cut into my forehead that required over 20 stitches. Ever since that day I have not been able to work or workout due to post concussion syndrome. But I am SO grateful for this head injury! I know that sounds crazy, but I needed this so God could "knock some sense into me"! God has show me things about myself, both good and bad, that I was unaware of until now. So I hope some of you will stop and take a moment to be grateful for some of the hardships, trials, and challenges that you are going through. It might just be that God is preparing you for something much GREATER!

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