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Exuberant Joy

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exuberent joyI keep hearing "refresh" from God!
 I'm seeing all of you as you labor in the Kingdom, endeavoring to live as Christ,
to live out the word of our God, so I want to declare Holy Spirit's refreshing
 over every one of you (us!) today! Like water poured out over a plant that's 
begun to wilt or ground that's a little too dry, may you be refreshed and 
renewed today by His love and everlasting joy! You are on His mind and heart. He's delighting in you, beloved child! He's anointed you with His presence to live today in exuberant joy!

"He has brought me to his banqueting table,
and His banner over me is love.
Sustain me with raisin cakes,
refresh me with apples,
because I am lovesick.
Let His left hand be under my head
and His right hand embrace me."
Song of Solomon 2:4-6

 He is eager in His refreshing, to pour His love and glory over you, because
you've become lovesick for Him!

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Wes Tuten

Wes is a husband, father, minister, small-business manager, and writer. He moved from Columbia to Charleston in 1996, to attend the College of Charleston majoring in Communication. He started writing as a teenager, as a way to capture and explore experiences and out of an innate love for words and language. Today Wes is actively involved in the ministry of New Heart Gathering in Charleston. He’s been married for over 9 years and has one daughter and has worked for the past 10 years with Polly’s Jewelry in Charleston.

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